Real Estate SEO

As a real estate investor, online marketing is one of the most important aspects of your business.  Whether it be finding the best deals online or utilizing a multi-faceted strategy to attract property leads to your professional website.  One thing that cannot be denied is the necessity to utilize proven SEO and compete for the … Continued

CAP Rate and Cash on Cash Return for Investors

Important Calculations for Rental Property Investors CAP Rate and Cash on Cash Return are two of the most important and widely utilized Return on Investment (ROI) calculations that seasoned investors use to make decisions on whether or not to invest in a piece of property.  They are both a quick calculation that can be made … Continued

Eye on the Market Week of 1/26/2015

MARKET WEEK: JANUARY 26, 2015 by Guest Blogger: Ken Armbruster, Financial Advisor, Preferred Financial Partners, Phone: 708-995-7676, Email:,Web: The Markets It was a clean sweep for the Nasdaq as it posted gains on all four days of a market week shortened by Martin Luther King Day. As the Nasdaq was moving into positive territory for the year, … Continued

Eye On The Market

MARKET WEEK: JANUARY 20, 2015  Provided by Guest Blogger: Ken Armbruster, Financial Advisor, Preferred Financial Partners, Phone 708-995-7676 The Markets A surprise move by Switzerland’s central bank made already unsettled financial markets even more volatile. For the third straight week of 2015, equities saw strong ups and downs that resulted in losses for the week. The … Continued

Market News December 15 2014

MARKET WEEK: DECEMBER 15, 2014 Provided by Ken Armbruster of Preferred Financial Partners (708) 995-7676 The Markets Concerns about the global economic impact of the ongoing turmoil in oil helped prompt a sharp drop in equities. The decline in oil prices, which accelerated last week, has left crude down more than 45% from its … Continued

Quarterly Market Report Q3 2014

QUARTERLY MARKET REVIEW: JULY-SEPTEMBER 2014 Provided by Kenneth Armbruster of Preferred Financial Partners The Markets Volatility returned to equities markets in Q3. A strong August was followed by losses in September, when any rallies began to focus around selected winners rather than benefitting stocks across the board. Investors exhibited a decided preference for large caps; … Continued

deal analyzer for flips and land lords

The Deal Analyzer

The Deal Analyzer for Flips Many people who are trying to break into the business often get overwhelmed by the amount of information that they need to learn and the complexities of the process of taking a distressed property and making it market ready. One of the best ways to adapt quickly and get a head up … Continued