Eye On the Market Month of January 2015

MARKET MONTH: JANUARY 2015 Eye on the Market Provided by Guest Blogger Kenneth Armbruster, Financial Advisor, Preferred Financial Partners, 708-995-7676, karmbruster@financialguide.com , www.financialguide.com/Kenneth-Armbruster The Markets (Un)Happy New Year: Fresh uncertainties in Europe, slowing economic growth, anticipation of a looming Federal Reserve rate hike, and a stronger dollar all contributed to a volatile month for equities. … Continued

Annual Market Review 2014

Provided by: Kenneth Armbruster Financial Advisor Preferred Financial Partners (708) 995-7676 www.financialguide.com/Kenneth-Armbruster Overview The United States emerged from 2014 as the best house on a troubled block. Civil war in Ukraine, a slowing Chinese economy, a stagnant Europe worried about potential deflation, a new recession in Japan, the threat of a new Russian economic meltdown … Continued

Market News December 15 2014

MARKET WEEK: DECEMBER 15, 2014 Provided by Ken Armbruster of Preferred Financial Partners (708) 995-7676 www.financialguide.com/Kenneth-Armbruster The Markets Concerns about the global economic impact of the ongoing turmoil in oil helped prompt a sharp drop in equities. The decline in oil prices, which accelerated last week, has left crude down more than 45% from its … Continued