The Deal Analyzer

deal analyzer for flips and land lords
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The Deal Analyzer for Flips

Many people who are trying to break into the business often get overwhelmed by the amount of information that they need to learn and the complexities of the process of taking a distressed property and making it market ready.

One of the best ways to adapt quickly and get a head up on the competition is to develop operational systems.

Operational systems are recorded processes that allow you to take the best practices of a business function and create a plan that allows that function to be performed over and over again the exact same way.

This is especially helpful when evaluating potential deals.  By having a system of evaluating a potential deal, you can ensure that you are able to quickly make a decision and move forward with a purchase.

One of our most effective tools in our systematic evaluation of deal evaluation is our Deal Analyzer.

With this tool we are able to quickly evaluate the financials on a property and decide whether it is a good deal or not.  However, this Deal Analyzer must be adapted to your specific area.

But, once the information is adapted to your area, it will become a great tool for assisting you with your decision to buy a property.

Here it is, enjoy!

Deal Analyzer for Flips

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