Help Buying Investment Property

“First we get the property, then we get the cash….”

Some Help Buying Investment Property

Everyone needs help every now and again.  For investors, or future investors, often the help required is help buying investment property itself.  Whether that help buying investment property be in the form of cash or money for the deal, deals to buy, contractors to do the work, or just some advice, we at Bourbon Street Homes are here to help!

While this doesn’t ring true in every industry, as real estate investors, we don’t see other investors as competitors.  The reason is, because every company chases a different niche, works a different area, or has a different specialty for the properties that they purchase.  So, we often work with other investors as either a partner, a referral source, or provide them with deals from our inventory on properties that we do not have either the time or capital to rehab and sell/rent ourselves.

We have been in the real estate business since 2011.  And, through that experience, we’ve been able to create a huge network of other investors, hard money lenders, real estate agents, title agents, attorneys, and contractors.  If you need any of the following, do not hesitate to give us a call we’ll be happy to either help directly, or put you in touch with someone in our network:

  • Need money for a real estate deal?
  • Need a competent management company for your rental?
  • Need a contractor to help you fix a rehab/rental?
  • Need a great title professional that isn’t afraid to roll their sleeves up and work on a difficult closing?
  • Are you looking for an attorney with: HOA experience?  That does closings? That can help with closings?
  • Need a great Realtor to list your freshly renovated flip?
  • Need deals???

If you need any of the above, give us a call!  (239) 449-8878.

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