Ways to make buying a fixer upper in Cape Coral worth it for landlords and rehab real estate investors.

Ways to Make Buying a Fixer Upper in Cape Coral Worth It

Ways to Make Buying a Fixer-Upper in Cape Coral, Florida Worth It Before buying a fixer-upper, consider these tips to ensure this option is right for you, and planned renovations prove profitable. Schedule an extensive home inspection Houses that need work may contain structural or cosmetic concerns, so it is important to know what elements … Continued

Renovate for Profit Fort Myers Florida

5 Tips to Renovate for Profit Fort Myers FL

How to Renovate for Profit 1. Buy the Worst House on the Best Street If you are serious about renovating for profit, buy the worst house you can find in the best street that you can afford. In its current condition, the property is likely to put a lot of people off, and so the … Continued

3 Tips For Buying a Fixer Upper Dream Home

Photo via Pexels by: Suzie Wilson (Happier Home) For many people, buying their dream home is just that—a dream. But for the savvy homebuyer, a dream home can be within reach, if you are willing to put in a little extra work. Closing on a fixer-upper home means a lot of different things. It could … Continued