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Your First Home Should Be An Investment Property and here is 5 reasons why that is true

Your First Home Should Be An Investment Property 5 Reasons Why

  5 Reasons Why Your First Home Should be an Investment Property   If you’re young and you’re looking to purchase a new home to live in, maybe your first home should be an investment property. Here are five reasons why you should entertain the idea of investing in real estate while you’re still young. […]

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Lee County Foreclosure Sale January 24th 2019

The Lee County Foreclosure Sale will be held on January 24th, 2019 at 9:00am EST.  

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CAP Rate and Cash on Cash Return for Investors

Important Calculations for Rental Property Investors CAP Rate and Cash on Cash Return are two of the most important and widely utilized Return on Investment (ROI) calculations that seasoned investors use to make decisions on whether or not to invest in a piece of property.  They are both a quick calculation that can be made […]

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Lease Options

Lease Options How They Work and What They Are For What are lease options? A lease option is a standard method of transferring property from seller to buyer in a more creative manner that opens the possibility of purchase of a property by a buyer who may not yet be ready to qualify conventionally but, have found […]

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What is Contract Assignment?

What is Contract Assignment? Many have heard of the term contract assignment but, are not sure exactly what it is. The basics… When someone goes into contract with the seller of a property, they obtain what is known as an “equitable interest” in that property. Equitable interest allows the contractee (buyer) certain rights to the […]

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warren buffet investing in real estate

Why Warren Buffet Says To Buy Single Family Investment Properties Right Now

  I found a video recently of the worlds most successful investor… Warren Buffet… talking about why right now buying single family homes and renting them out is one of the smartest things you can do. Check out the quick video of Warren below: (click here or the video below to play) If you’re at […]

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